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Body Treatment

Hand-made Salt or Sugar ScrubThis exfoliating body polish will remove dry, flaky skin and leave you looking and feeling fresh, clean and polished. All our products are hand-made with organic ingredients. Several different blends are available, depending on your skin.

60 Minutes - $65

Reflexology Treatment

Hot Stone Reflexology Treat your hands and feet! Hot Stone Reflexology is a technique where you feel warm basalt stones pressed into your feet and hands. This helps to soften sore, tired muscles in your feet and hands, and relax your entire body

45 Minutes - $55 / 60 Minutes - $75

Massage Treatment

Warm Bamboo MassageDuring your session, you'll receive a deep tissue massage using pieces of heated bamboo in varying sizes. This serves to increase sensory nerve perception, lymphatic drainage, and provide a deep sense of relaxation and well-being.

60 Minutes - $80 / 90 Minutes - $110


Therapeutic Massage

Feel like you've been kissed by butterflies with this relaxing and soothing massage, that will ease muscle tension, improve flexibility, and stimulate cardiovascular circulation.

30 Minutes - $50
60 Minutes - $70
90 Minutes - $90


Cool Aloe Vera Body Wrap

A cooling, gentle wrap with Aloe Vera that will help detoxify and work deep into the pores to remove impurities as it smooths and contours your skin. A great treatment for sun-damaged skin as well.

60 Minutes - $75


Cocoa Butter Body Wrap

We will exfoliate your skin to a shimmer, drench your skin with our cocoa butter mixture, then wrap you up, allowing the body's natural heat to warm the butter and promote deep, long lasting penetration of luxurious moisture.

60 Minutes - $85


Hot Stone Massage

This unforgettable treatment utilizes massage techniques with warm and cold stones in combination with aromatherapy to take your body and mind to the deepest state of relaxation. An absolute must-have!

60 Minutes - $85
90 Minutes - $120


Hot Stone Facial Massage

An amazing hot stone massage that rapidly stimulates the nervous system to increase blood and lymph circulation, which helps to restore damaged cells, and improve your facial appearance.

30 Minutes - $50
60 Minutes - $70


Shiatsu Massage

An Ancient form of Japanese massage, this treatment incorporates acupressure and passive range-of-motion stretching that opens up your body's core energy points, or meridians, to allow energy to flow freely throughout the body. It's sure to leave you centered!

60 Minutes - $85
90 Minutes - $125


Facial Cupping Massage

An ancient, 5,000 year-old treatment that utilizes very small suction cups to create a gentle vacuum, lifting the skin and facial tissues to drain the lymphatic, toxins, & cellular waste. Great for TMJ sufferers!

60 Minutes - $110
*Ask about PACKAGE deals!


Seated Chair Massage

Release the tension from your back, neck, and shoulders while sitting in an ergonomic chair. Seated chair massage is perfect for a quick energizer, while lowering your stress levels. A great corporate event addition!

$1 per minute
*Ask about our group rates!

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